How does it work?


We arrange a scoping meeting with the relevant manager or team to:

  • Discuss production timescales, format, content and number of pages.
  • Plan for Heritage Compass visits for photography and interviews, creating a positive atmosphere and the least disruption.
  • Agree free advertising and editorial print space for the site.
  • Propose selling points at the site (for example: reception, shop, tea room, exit) and preferred display units.

Following the meeting, we produce a contract which includes site income details and permission for Heritage Compass for free use of photographs taken and interview material for the publication. Copy of all photographs and relevant text material to be supplied to the site for free use by quoting Heritage Compass as the source.


Sales vary depending on the type of site, location, visitor volumes, sale points and so on. Sales typically can be expected to be between 2% and 10% of visitor numbers.

A site can potentially earn £6,000 profit per £25,000 visitors from the sale of the publication. Site sale margins are in line with book sales, normally at 100% mark-up of the invoice item price.

At the end of each calendar month, the site informs Heritage Compass of the number of copies sold. A 30-day invoice is then generated at the supply price per copy sold during the previous month.

Your organisation can sell PDF copies of the publication to be downloaded online. The same retail price, margin and charge (plus V.A.T.) apply for any copies which the site sells online, in a PDF form supplied by Heritage Compass to the site.

Additionally, your site will receive 10% of the retail price for any of its site’s printed or online copies sold from any other outlets, including from the Heritage Compass website.

Marketing, monitoring, after-sales

A site specific marketing strategy will be implemented by Heritage Compass, helping to promote the site, increase visitor numbers and sales.

Advertising displayed within the publication is heritage-themed and observes the Museums’ Code of Ethics or equivalent guidelines. Advertising income is used to reduce production costs and offer better value for money.

Heritage Compass will work with your organisation to monitor sales, respond to requests, update editions and reprint as required.

Heritage Compass is covered by Indemnity and public liability Insurance cover.

Heritage Compass is a corporate member of Museums Association and Historic Houses Association. We work to high quality standards and our values are displayed on our website.


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