Benefits to your heritage organisation

The newspaper-style guidebook is…

…a professional publication specifically researched and printed for your site and your audiences at no cost to your operation.

…designed with audience diversity in mind, adding a complementary layer of engaging interpretation to your offer.

…intended to supplement the more formal versions of guidebooks, can be sold alongside to or as a multi-buy with guidebooks.

…easy to dip in and out of, with site specific articles, activities, crosswords and puzzles, complements the visit and aids continued discovery at home.

…developed to support your site and is edited with site sign-off.

The publication offers…

…considerable income generation without outlay for the production or stock; the site is invoiced monthly for copies sold.

…free advertising and editorial space for your site throughout, including a central pull-out option with events and programme information.

…an inclusive range of articles and activities for engaging a wide range of audiences; families, young and old, heritage starters, curious minds, keen researchers and inquisitors.

…an inside view for audiences and creates a case for support by being site specific and externally developed.

Heritage Compass will…

…promote the site, its conservation significance and spirit-of-place through a marketing campaign.

…provide free supply of stands or counter displays for all the contact points, featuring your site logo.



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