Heritage-management consultancy & audience-development publications

Heritage Compass

Heritage management consultancy and
audience development publications

Heritage Compass consultancy services

Services include

project management

sustainability and resilience development

feasibility studies and options review

governance support

heritage statements

master and business planning

grant applications and fundraising strategy

operations management

income generation and commercial operations

audience development and marketing plans

interpretation planning

visitor experience audits and plans

people development

building planning

conservation plans

collections care

We work in association with specialist consultants, ensuring the best possible expertise available for your project or operation.

Heritage Compass develops guidebooks, magazines and newspapers.

The newspaper is an alternative guidebook, ephemeral and suitable for all ages and all interests; a guidebook which initiates discussions and repeat visits, can be filled in and drawn on…

To find out more contact team@heritagecompass.org or visit www.heritagecompas.org

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